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A basic cellphone is provided for you to use during your stay with us, and can be found in the basket on the desk in your accommodation.  Calls to other Barefoot Cay numbers are unlimited, so feel free to use the phone to order room service, book diving, or call the front desk to schedule spa treatments or make other requests

We recommend that you keep the phone with you while on property at Barefoot Cay, as well as when you venture offsite, so that you can conveniently reach us (or vice versa)

TO MAKE IN-RESORT CALLS, press the handset symbol and dial 

9496-2564 to reach our Restaurant

9632-8793 to reach the Dive Shop

9468-7147 to reach the Front Desk / Guest Services

9967-3642 to reach Stephanie, our Resort Director

TO RECEIVE CALLS, press the button with the handset symbol


Your phone number is imprinted on the back of the phone.  If you wish to share your vacation contact number with friends or family in North America, add 011-504 before the 8-digit phone number

TO END A CALL, press the button with the handset symbol & power circle

TO TURN THE PHONE ON & OFF, hold down the utton with the handset symbol & power circle


There is a small battery symbol on the top of the screen to alert you if recharging is required.  When the battery is low, the phone will typically beep and power off.  A charger is located in the basket with the phone.  We recommend ensuring the phone is adequately charged, so that the phone is ready to use if needed

Please note that in the event of a lost or damaged phone, a charge of $50 will be added to your bill



A small safe box is provided in your bedroom closet.  Although the resort has security, we always recommend securing valuables in the safe when not in use as an added precaution 

TO PROGRAM YOUR PRIVATE CODE, first ensure that the knob remains turned to the right (clockwise), then open the safe door.  Locate and press the reset button on the back narrow side of the open door (by the hinges); you will need to enter your code followed by the A or B button within 30 seconds after pressing the reset button.  Codes can be 4-8 digits, and the safe will beep twice upon successful code entry

To verify that your code has been successfully programmed, 

TO LOCK THE SAFE,  close the door and turn the knob to the left

TO OPEN THE SAFE, enter your code (4-8 digits followed by A or B). The safe will beep twice and a green light will flash with correct code entry, and the knob can be turned right (clockwise) to open the door

Common safe operation errors are turning the knob counterclockwise and/or failure to use the reset button prior to programming the code.  If you've made one of these errors, the safe will not function properly, but don't fret... just give our front desk staff a call using your courtesy cellphone (details above), and we'll come assist



Mangroves on the shores of Roatán provide refuge for a variety of marine life and protect the surrounding reef from sediment during runoff.  Take a boat tour starting in the picturesque town of Oakridge (the capital of Roatán’s East end) with its candy-colored houses set over the water on stilts, past the fishing community of Jonesville, then through the canal running amidst the mangroves while you learn about the history of the communities, including some pirate-lore.  Nearby are a few waterfront restaurants, including Tricos Bar & Grill where the boat will stop if you’d like to grab lunch



Arguably the most unique community in Roatan, Punta Gorda boasts its own history, culture, and language.  The Caribe people landed on Roatán in 1797 after being forcibly removed from Antilles and St. Vincent by European colonists, and founded their settlement on Roatan, establishing themselves as the “Garifuna” people.  Residents of the community have  preserved their cultural identity, including the Garifuna language (though most also speak Spanish and/or English).  Like West End, Punta Gorda has a number of restaurants along the beach, but with a much more rustic and local atmosphere... For those looking for a truly authentic Roatan experience, a lunch of whole fried fish, “machuca”, or conch soup in Punta Gorda is the perfect answer



Roatan’s largest white sand beach is also its most remote... Camp Bay is far off the beaten path, but worth the drive for those who are up for an adventure.  There’s a greater chance

of experiencing crashing waves and the reef is further offshore, so leave your snorkel gear behind... plan to play in the surf, or enjoy the view from under a sea grape tree.  While in the area, lunch (or a rum punch!) at La Sirena restaurant is a unique Roatán experience... The tiny hut sits on stilts over the water, and gives you the feeling of being at the edge of the world

Insiders’ tip:  as Camp Bay beach is un-manicured, be sure to bring your bug repellant




1-866-246-3706 (toll-free to Roatan)

+504-9967-3642 (local)

Brick Bay, Roatan, Bay Islands

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Barefoot Cay is one pearl in a necklace of cays off the south shore of Roatan in the Bay Islands. The resort is positioned perfectly for the trade winds to create a tropical breeze over the entire Cay

Centrally located between Roatan's more touristed West side and less-populated East end, our locale provides the perfect jumping-off point for exploring and experiencing the island; ask our front desk staff to assist with arranging taxi service, or a rental car if you'd prefer to venture out on your own

Our step-on pontoon passenger ferry is available 24 hours a day to transit guests across the narrow 85' channel that separates the Cay from the Barefoot Divers building on the Roatan shore, so guests have convenient access to the island of Roatan and all areas of the resort

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