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Information about current entry requirements to Roatan and steps we're taking to ensure the safety of our guests & staff

Please note that this is not an official travel information page, and that these details may be subject to change


In addition to standard travel regulations (see our main FAQs page for more details), several special requirements related to COVID-19 transmission prevention currently apply to all passengers traveling to Roatan.  
  1. Travelers must complete the official pre-check within 48 hours prior to your flight, which includes an immigration form, health surveillance form, and sworn statement.  Travelers must print and carry the confirmation with them.  For more details, please see this helpful guide (updated December 2020)

  2. Travelers must present a negative result of a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) or rapid test with minimal specificity of  85% and sensitivity of 98% for COVID-19 conducted within 72 hours of entry.   Test results must be printed and hand-carried, in order to be presented at check-in

UPDATE: new options are available to help satisfy the testing requirement

  • United Airlines has initiated a testing program for travelers originating from Houston Intercontinental (IAH); see this page on the United Airlines website for more details

  • American Airlines travelers with flights originating from Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) can obtain testing via CareNow


  1. In the event of a suspected case upon arrival in Honduras, the passenger will be subject to clinical evaluation by staff of the International Sanitary Bureau

  2. Travelers must comply with protocols established in the International Health Regulations, which may include clinical evaluation and mandatory quarantine if deemed necessary by our local health authorities

  3. Travelers must comply with other biosecurity protocols, including mandatory use of masks, as established by our national Department of Health.  Temperature checks, social distancing, and hand sanitization, as well as disinfection of clothing, shoes and luggage should also be expected


  1. Travelers must be at the airport at least 3 hours prior to departure on an international flight originating in Honduras

  2. Travelers are responsible for ensuring they meet the requirements for entering their country of destination*

  3. Travelers must comply with biosecurity protocols, including mandatory use of masks. Temperature checks, social distancing, and hand sanitization, as well as disinfection of clothing, shoes and luggage should also be expected

*For travelers from the US: A negative result of a covid test conducted within 3 days of your re-entry to the United States is required

Antigen testing can be performed at the resort by a certified physician, with same-day results on the official paperwork required for travel. Appointments can be scheduled through our front desk 24 hours in advance, and the cost for the test is $65 per person (added to your Barefoot Cay bill)



Travel coverage for Covid-19 is now available from a number of providers.  For more information, see this article 



Barefoot Cay is known for its personalized attention to the needs of our guests in regards to every aspect of their stay, and there is certainly no more important consideration than their health, safety, and well-being, as well as that of our team. We have been continuously monitoring the development of COVID-19 in Roatan and the entire world, and have accordingly established biosafety protocols so that our guests feel safe when vacationing with us

Following the guidelines and recommendations of local health authorities, the World Health Organization, and the CDC, our protocols emphasize and reinforce strict hygiene and cleaning practices, as well as physical distancing and use of personal protective equipment (PPE)


  • Before entering Barefoot Cay, everyone (without exception) will:

    1. undergo temperature measure tests via infrared thermometer

    2. walk through a shoe disinfection tray

    3. be supplied with antibacterial gel for sanitizing hands

  • All persons entering Barefoot Cay (without exception) must wear a mask which covers their nose and mouth; Barefoot Cay personnel are required to wear masks at all times when in public areas of the resort

  • Guests will carry out the check-in and check-out process individually to avoid crowds in the reception area. The reception desk will be disinfected with antibacterial gel and / or alcohol always between check-ins and check-outs

  • The person carrying out the check-in / check-out process will use gloves and carry antibacterial gel to disinfect their hands before and after interacting with guests

  • Room keys will be thoroughly disinfected with antibacterial gel and / or alcohol upon collection and again before being supplied to new guests

  • All guest registration forms must be completed digitally, and will be emailed to guests prior to their arrival to facilitate express check-in with reduced contact

  • Billing for incidentals will be emailed to guests prior to check-out

  • Credit card authorizations and payment processing will be conducted digitally


  • All public areas of the hotel will be disinfected with more frequency, with extra attention to high-touch objects and surfaces

  • Antibacterial gel dispensers will be available in public areas such as the reception desk, dive center, restaurant, spa, and pool area

  • All public bathrooms will have information explaining the correct way to wash hands

  • Guest accommodations will be decluttered from paper products, and information (including menus, guides, and brochures) will be supplied digitally; information on the prevention of COVID-19 will be included in the digital package

  • All guest accommodations will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before guests check-in, with extra disinfection of the most frequently touched guests room areas such as light switches, door handles, and TV remotes using antibacterial gel and / or alcohol

  • Housekeepers will wear masks, use gloves, and carry antibacterial gel to disinfect their hands while cleaning guest accommodations

  • Linen will be removed avoiding direct contact with the skin and placed in a laundry bag then taken to the laundry facility

  • Linen (bedding, tablecloths, towels, etc.) will be separated and washed using the necessary equipment including: commercial detergents, washing temperatures greater than or equivalent to 60 ° C, and commercial dryer

  • Scuba diving equipment will be washed following every dive and stored in individual lockers; extra-thorough disinfection of equipment will be conducted between guest uses

  • Restaurant service personnel will wear masks and gloves, and will follow the strictest protocols for hygiene and food handling. All food preparation and service areas, as well as utensils, dishes and glassware will be disinfected with commercial-grade and food safe detergent


  • Seating at the restaurant will be limited, with a space of at least 6 feet between tables

  • Spaces onboard our dive boats will be limited, with a maximum of 8 divers per boat

  • Pool lounges will be arranged with less than 6 feet between pairs


We recommend that guests also take care of their health and that of their companions, taking into account the following precautions:

  • Practice good personal hygiene including constant cleaning of your hands

  • Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose

  • Use disinfecting gel or alcohol frequently

  • Cover your nose and mouth with the inside of your elbow when sneezing and / or coughing

  • Inform our staff immediately if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or require medical assistance

  • Wear a mask and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet if possible whenever interacting with Barefoot Cay staff or other guests, or when interacting with the general public if exploring offsite of the resort

Barefoot Cay is constantly monitoring the measures announced by the competent authorities and is ready to follow any additional recommendations and / or measures given at a local, national and international level 

In combination with the protocols outlined above, as an “island off an island”, we hope that Barefoot Cay’s seclusion and removal from crowds will provide increased peace of mind and a relaxed vacation for our guests

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