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Roatan, Bay Islands




Discover the magic of Roatan with our curated list of recommended activities & experiences




Roatan’s West Bay beach is famous for its calm waters, white sand beach, and a spectacular black rock formation at one end.  Many of the resorts in West Bay offer day passes if you’d like access to their lounge chairs, showers, pool, or other facilities.  Otherwise, the beach is public, and there are markers indicating the boundary between resort properties and the public beach, so you can feel free to just grab a spot on the sand and enjoy the beach

Insiders’ tip: while a beautiful spot to visit for a beach day and for snorkeling from the shore, it’s popular for cruise ship tourists, so best to avoid on cruise ship days unless you enjoy crowds



A beachy town with a casual island-vibe and a wonderful mix of local residents and expats.  It’s filled with shops, bars, galleries, and restaurants... A great place to do some shopping, grab a meal, or experience the night life.  It’s also worth catching the golden glow of the setting sun over the Caribbean Sea from West End at least once while in Roatán... Sundowner’s Beach Bar is a great place to grab a beer and do just that



Mangroves on the shores of Roatán provide refuge for a variety of marine life and protect the surrounding reef from sediment during runoff.  Take a boat tour starting in the picturesque town of Oakridge (the capital of Roatán’s East end) with its candy-colored houses set over the water on stilts, past the fishing community of Jonesville, then through the canal running amidst the mangroves while you learn about the history of the communities, including some pirate-lore.  Nearby are a few waterfront restaurants, including Tricos Bar & Grill where the boat will stop if you’d like to grab lunch



Arguably the most unique community in Roatan, Punta Gorda boasts its own history, culture, and language.  The Caribe people landed on Roatán in 1797 after being forcibly removed from Antilles and St. Vincent by European colonists, and founded their settlement on Roatan, establishing themselves as the “Garifuna” people.  Residents of the community have  preserved their cultural identity, including the Garifuna language (though most also speak Spanish and/or English).  Like West End, Punta Gorda has a number of restaurants along the beach, but with a much more rustic and local atmosphere... For those looking for a truly authentic Roatan experience, a lunch of whole fried fish, “machuca”, or conch soup in Punta Gorda is the perfect answer



Roatan’s largest white sand beach is also its most remote... Camp Bay is far off the beaten path, but worth the drive for those who are up for an adventure.  There’s a greater chance

of experiencing crashing waves and the reef is further offshore, so leave your snorkel gear behind... plan to play in the surf, or enjoy the view from under a sea grape tree.  While in the area, lunch (or a rum punch!) at La Sirena restaurant is a unique Roatán experience... The tiny hut sits on stilts over the water, and gives you the feeling of being at the edge of the world

Insiders’ tip:  as Camp Bay beach is un-manicured, be sure to bring your bug repellant

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